South East Europe, Republic of Macedonia, Skopje – that’s the place from which BORN FOR SLAUGHTER do the ass-kicking. There are two songs on their bandcamp site, from an split LP with SILENCE MEANS DEATH (Belgium).

That LP was released in November 2012 but I can’t find it anywhere. I guess I have to ask the band if they have a copy left. METAL and CRUST – that’s what BORN FOR SLAUGHTER put into these songs. These two songs sound very fluid, consistent, tight and dynamic. That goes especially for the drum work and the snare sound. Crusties from wherever – this is how a snare should sound! Tight, dry as a bone and without any reverberation effects.

Ok, let’s take a look at the guitars. BORN FOR SLAUGHTER have two guitarists and these dudes play lots of metallic, technical riffs and even some shrieking solos (I bet they love SLAYER!). Cool – because a little more variety in crust, always prevents boredom.

Hmh…this band is very good. Think of WOLFPACK & meets early FROM ASHES RISE, add some guitar tech stuff (not really tech like DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN but more tech than your usual metal crust band has, understand?) …and out comes BORN FOR SLAUGHTER. I hope these guys go on with their music and that they put out more records in the future. 

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Born For Slaughter:
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Project Dekadenz Biography By San Lu

Project Dekadenz Biography By San Lu

Project Dekadenz was formed in the fall of 2010. In the beginning there were only three members. In January of 2011, we had a new recruit who joined us on bass. In November of 2012, we added a second guitarist, which gave us more atmosphere to our music, in addition to some backing vocals. Our first album was released in April of 2012 titled, “Bullets Of Peace”. The second album, “D-Day Apocalypse” was released in September of 2013, but only available to listen to, via internet streaming, but now there are also links on the internet  ( if you do a Google search) and you can also download it for free. Since we have a dream to release our second album, “D-Day Apocalypse”, on vinyl we could use your support by purchasing it online since we are broke and cannot afford to release the album in any physical form at the moment.

Why did we start this band? Well, back in 2010 punk in Estonia still lived under the influence of 80’s and 90’s punk rock/hardcore. Since there was not a new wave of punk coming on except for some newer hardcore groups, we wanted to make a change and do something different than what anyone has ever done  in Estonia before. We combined metal and punk, then started playing crust with doom/sludge elements.

Our band is 100% DIY. We have covered all costs of the recordings and releases with no help from labels, on so on. Of course, we had some help from the fans who bought our first album release. We made 25 CD’s ourselves, but we could not afford to produce any more. Nowadays, because of the internet, we can have it downloaded onto our Bandcamp page for free. The second album is not for free on Bandcamp, at the moment, for reasons I described earlier, but it will be in the near future.

We have a song off of our first album called “Cancer Of Society” which can be watched and listened to at:

This video of the song, “Assassinate Authority” is from our second album:

We are working on a third one, but because of the amount of snow, at the moment, it will take some time.

You can listen to our albums in full at our Bandcamp page.
“Bullets Of Peace”:
“D-Day Apocalypse”:

In October of 2013 we did a tribute song for JKME (a legendary Estonian band) for the 50th birthday of the band’s leader, Villu Tamme, which can be listened to at:

…And of course if you want to find out about what’s going on with us, now or in the near future you can visit our Facebook band page:

Crust on and all the best to all of our present and future fans!
Project Dekadenz

Freedom Punker Collective

The Freedom Punker Collective has members the world over, contributing their time and efforts for free to promote the bands, the music and of course ... PUNK